Harrison High School: DECA’s House of Grounds [Commercial Photography]

So, we’ll not discuss here how many years it’s been since I left high school but suffice it to say it’s been a few.  A lot has changed at HHS since I was there. And funny enough, some is exactly the same.  It still smells the same, the trophy cases are still in the same spots and school food doesn’t look all that appetizing. I also realized I’m still a nerd…and I’m ok with that.

I reconnected with my DECA teacher from back in the day, Chris Dorman and he asked me to come by and take some photos of DECA’s House of Grounds.  When I was at HHS, this space this shop is in was full of vending machines.  Now, school guidelines have changed and the vending machines are no longer allowed on campus.  So, Mr. Dorman had a brilliant idea to turn the space into a coffee house.  He explained they don’t actually sell a lot of coffee – mostly just Italian sodas and iced coffee drinks.  It was interesting to listen to him explain the research and work that went into creating this shop.  It’s amazing.  It’s cool.  Anyway, I did stop by and took a few photos for their brochure.  Take a look!

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